Infinitely Pearl 90

100%Pearl box of 90 capsules of 500 mg

poudre de perle 90

treatment for 30 to 90 days

stress-fatigue-osseous structure

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The powder of pearl 90 is a supplement which will act at the same time on your general energy capital and especially that of the kidney (which governs the bones), and on your osseous structure thanks to the aragonite and will limit your negative stress thanks to its amino acids and its trace elements.
Take from 1 (maintenance) to 3 capsules (curative) a day in the morning or at noon never in the evening

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advice of use

Take from 1 to 3 capsules a day in the morning (never in the evening).

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Pearl powder, which you can find mainly in certain lakes and rivers of Asia, ZHEN ZHU FENG (its Chinese name), is in fact one of the richest food on earth.

Ingredients for 3 capsules:

pearl powder 1215 mg

hypromellose 285 mg.

Net weight 15gr

American studies indeed demonstrated that this pearl contains not less than 16 amino acids: aspargine, alanine, serine, arginine, threonine, methionine, isoleucine, phenylanine, lysine, glutamic acid, tyrosine, proline, cysteine, leucine, glycine, histidine.
And also proteins (about 15 %), calcium (about 12 %), numerous trace elements (selenium 1.2mg/g, zinc 9.3mg/g, iron 2mg/g, copper 0.3mg/g, magnesium 11.3mg/g and germanium 0.1mg/g).

This mussel is stemming from the family of the clams, its shape is bigger and larger than the oyster of the ocean, it is cultivated only in fresh water. Attention the pearl powder is on no account wild and of marine origin.

Conditioned in a box of 90 vegetal capsules in a glass jar closed by an aluminum lid (the conditioning can be classified as organic).

French micro-biological analysis.

Cannot replace a varied and well-balanced food and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of young children. Do not exceed the advised dose.

Principe en médecine chinoise
Avis clients
utile pour renforcer dents et squelette pour seniors
Très satisfaite de ce produit très efficace
voir ci-dessus
Efficace. Je l'utilise en cure de 3 mois : Automne et Printemps.
plus de saignement des gencives... je continue
Ravie envoi très rapide merci
bien mais couteux
J'ai acheté la poudre de perle suite à une cassure de la tête humérale. Deux mois après tout est bien consolidé. Je suis satisfaite de ce produit.
Impeccable, résultat de l'oligoscan meilleur du fait de l'apport important de minéraux et autres micro-nutriments mais difficile à conseiller dans le cadre de mon travail de conseiller de santé à l'Alliance du dr Rath à cause du prix de vente !
J’ai acheté ces gélules pour soigner une gingivite sévère. 3 par jour le 1er mois. Au bout de 10 jours mes gencives ont cessé de saigner, et je n’ai plus mal aux dents. Il faudrait refaire une radio panoramique pour vérifier l’etat de l’os. Je continue 1 par jour maintenant.

box of 90 capsules of 500 mg
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This products are elaborated in France 100% natural

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