General terms of sale


The present general terms of sale apply to all the products proposed by laboratories BIMONT on its website The buyer recognizes that our general terms of sale dominate in case of dispute. In case of dispute, and if an amicable arrangement cannot be found, only the court of VALENCE ( 26000 ) would be competent.

1 - Commands

Any command takes membership without reserve in our general terms of sale, which are applicable indifferently during the delivery of an order form or during any removal of goods made directly by the customer, accompanied with the signature of a delivery slip established by laboratories BIMONT.For safety and hygienic reasons  no goods will be taken back or exchanged except if there is imperfection by our fault.

2 - Catalogue and Documentation

The prices and technical information concerning our catalogues, price lists, documentation and leaflets are supplied only for information purposes and without commitment from us. They would not commit us definitively and we reserve the right to modificate them at any time.

3 - Price

All our prices are established TTC, departure of our warehouses, the port is charged in addition.

4 - Delai of retractationFor the commands via our web site the buyer has a deadline of 7 true days as from the effective delivery date of his command to retract. He can then return the new and not used material (no track of use) and/or the not begun and not modified(not affected and modified) supply (weight, color) at his expenses. It is imperative that this materia is restored to us in its original packing (box and accessories) accompanied with the invoice. From reception, and after check of the good state of the product, we shall establish credit note or shall proceed to the refund of the product (except postal charges) of this one in the choice of the customer.
5 - Complaint

The transport being made at the risks and the dangers of the addressee, the buyer will have to make any necessary checks and make any reserves useful for the taking delivery of materials in the presence of the deliverer, to practice, if necessary, and for the statutory deadlines, any appeals against the carrier.
6 - Payment

The buyer will acquit by bank card (on-line transaction) or transaction by telephone), by chéque (expectation of the reception of the cheque to our company), the initial payment of his command during his acceptance of the offer of sale by laboratories BIMONT, in the above-mentioned conditions and subject to his right to withdraw. The command of the buyer will be registered only as from the date in which the complete payment will have reached the seller. In case the payment would show itself irregular or non-corresponding for whatever reason, laboratories BIMONT reserve the right to block the delivery of the commanded product.
7 - Delivery

The commanded product is delivered by mail way or by carrier according to its nature and the exclusive initiative of the seller, at the address appearing on the order form of the buyer. Postal charges are on the total charge of the buyer. In case of damage, the buyer has to make a complaint as specified in the paragraph 4.
The deadlines are specified only for information purposes, the company Orient Bimont cannot be kept responsible for a possible delay. No compensation will be made for the delays.
8 - Dispute and property reserve

For lack of amicable settlement, the disputes relative to the commands spent) by virtue of the present offer are in every case, and whatever is the number of parties)in dispute, the court's jurisdiction of Trade of VALENCE ( 26000 ). The fact for the seller not to take advantage of a negligence of any of the obligations chargeable to the buyer, governed by the present general terms of sale, could not be interpreted as a renunciation for the future of the obligation in cause, nor the right for the buyer to take advantage later of this negligence.
Reserves and property: law 80-335 of May 12th, 1980. The goods remain the property of the seller up to complete payment of the agreed price, in case of liquidation of the good, the legal settlement or the transfer of responsibilities.

Products presented on this web site are not medicine, they cannot be considered as such, and replace on no account your usual treatment. As well as the present information on the site establishes  thus not at all medical notices and it is up to you to consult your doctor to obtain a professional opinion for any particular health problem.
The company Orient Bimont being a company of sale of not irradiated natural, guaranteed food complements and not trangénique, disclaim all responsibilit as for the use of the delivered products. Take advice with your therapist.

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